Tomorrow, Today


Hello world. Just my little spot on the web. You'll find some information about what I'm doing.

"Tomorrow, today" is my personal motto. It reinforces the fact that we quite literally create tomorrow through our actions today. My passion is finding problems, identifying the problem state, sussing out solutions, and implementing them. In the process of doing so, I love being a part of, building, and leading teams as well as working across (and finding new) domains in which to work.

If there is one key to understanding how all that I've done ties together, that key is best found in one of my favoriate quotations. Since I first saw the following quotation in the main rotunda at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, I've been a bit obsessed with its meaning and impact.

Science Discerns the Laws of Nature, Industry Applies Them to the Needs of Man - Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago, Ill.)

Flourishing App

My current software development is The Flourishing App. The app presents twelve activities that have been shown to improve aspects of your flourishing as well as four measures to track aspects of your flourishing.

Screenshot of the Flourishing App
Screenshot of The Flourishing App